Complimentary registration is provided to qualified journalists who apply for media credentials and register to attend the conference in advance. Journalists who meet the conference media registration criteria will be accredited on a space-available basis. Media accreditation will open in Fall 2022.

CROI is a scientific research meeting. Media registration is reserved for journalists with demonstrated experience covering basic and clinical science developments in HIV, hepatitis viruses, SARS-CoV-2, and other viral infections and their related conditions (see application process below).


Applications for media credentials will be accepted from journalists employed by or on assignment from:

  • Recognized print, broadcast, and online general and medical news media
  • Recognized HIV community publications

Medical communications and medical marketing companies; financial media; biotechnology and investment publications; university, college, or institute newsletters; and program bulletins and noneditorial entities such as publishers and representatives of sales, marketing, or advertising departments are NOT eligible for media registration. Individuals, agents, or contractors providing coverage for or being sponsored by industry may not register as media.

In general, the conference will consider the accreditation of up to 2 qualified reporters per media outlet.

Any publication, supplement, or electronic product devoted exclusively to the coverage of the conference (eg, meeting highlights, online conference proceedings or reporting, newsletters, and audio conferences) that are distributed nationally or internationally must have the prior written approval of the Conference Organizer.

Application Process

To be accredited, journalists should submit the following:

  1. Name, complete contact information (office and mobile phone numbers, physical address, and email address), and the name of the media outlet they will be representing
  2. Proof of employment by the media outlet (eg, a copy of the publication’s masthead with the reporter’s name listed) or a letter of assignment from the editor, producer, or news director of the outlet if the reporter is freelance
  3. Two articles or news reports from recognized media outlets, preferably from a previous CROI, published in the last 12 months, that credit the reporter who is seeking media accreditation and demonstrate the reporter’s capacity to cover the types of research issues addressed at the conference

The items noted above should be sent to Additional materials may be requested if needed to verify that the journalist or media outlet qualifies for CROI media accreditation.