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This presentation will describe the newly announced U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiative targeting the ongoing HIV epidemic in the United States with the goals of decreasing the number of HIV incident infections by 75% within 5 years, and then by 90% within 10 years. This coordinated, multi-agency initiative will focus on geographic and demographic hotspots in 48 counties, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico where the majority of new HIV cases are reported, as well as in 7 states with a disproportionate occurrence of HIV cases in rural areas. This new initiative builds on the scientific findings over the past 4 decades in HIV prevention, treatment, and care. Under the leadership of the Assistant Secretary for Health, HHS agencies including NIH, CDC, HRSA, and IHS will coordinate their programs and resources to implement with local, regional, and state partners evidence-based strategies to diagnose, treat, prevent, and rapidly detect and respond to the continuing HIV spread in the U.S. This HHS initiative will focus on interrupting or disrupting the kinetics of HIV spread and provide a way forward to ending the epidemic in this country.