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We compared the characteristics and clinical outcomes of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 with and without HIV infection (HIV-pos and HIV-neg) in Spain during the first wave of the pandemic.

HIV-pos were identified by reviewing clinical records and laboratory registries of 10,922 patients in active-follow-up within the Spanish HIV Research Network (CoRIS) up to June 30, 2020. Each HIV-pos was matched with 5 HIV-neg of the same age and sex randomly selected from COVID-19@Spain, a multicenter cohort of 4,035 patients hospitalized with PCR confirmed COVID-19 in Spain (Clin Microbiol Infect 2020;26:1525-36). Data were collected with the ISARIC-WHO Core case report form (https://isaric.org/document/covid-19-crf/). The COVID-19 SEIMC score (predictive of 30-day mortality), based on age, sex, dyspnea, O2 saturation, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, and estimated glomerular filtration rate, was calculated at admission in all patients (ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease, 2020, Abstract#00513). Outcomes included the need for mechanical ventilation and all-cause in-hospital mortality.

Forty-five patients with PCR confirmed COVID-19 were identified in CoRIS, 21 of which were hospitalized. A total of 105 age/sex-matched controls were selected from COVID-19@Spain. The median age in both groups was 53 (Q1-Q3, 46-56) years, and 90.5% were men. In HIV-pos, 19.1% were IDUs, 95.2% were on ART, 94.4% had HIV-RNA < 50 copies/mL, and the median (Q1-Q3) CD4+ count was 595 (349 – 798) cells/mm3. No statistically significant differences were found between groups in number and type of comorbidities, presenting signs and symptoms, laboratory parameters, and radiology findings. The median (Q1-Q3) COVID-19 SEIMC score on admission was 4 (2 – 7) and 5 (3 -7) in HIV-pos and HIV-neg, respectively; P=.890. Corticosteroids were administered to 33.3% and 27,4% HIV-pos and HIV-neg, respectively; P=.58. Remdesivir was administered to 0 and 2.9% of HIV-pos and HIV-neg, respectively; P=.426. During admission, 9.5% HIV-pos and 23.3% HIV-neg underwent mechanical ventilation; P=.158. In-hospital mortality was 9.5% in HIV-pos and 11.4% in HIV-neg; P=.800.

Our findings suggest that well-controlled HIV infection does not modify the clinical presentation or worsen clinical outcomes in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.