By registering for virtual CROI 2021 (hereafter, the conference) you agree to the following terms. If you are completing the registration on behalf of another individual, you warrant that the registrant is aware of and accepts these terms. 

Unless stated otherwise, all references to a date or a deadline mentioned in this and other conference documents refer to the Eastern Time zone (ET) USA. 

Access to virtual CROI 2021: Your registration entitles you access to the conference By registering for the conference, you agree not to sell, trade, transfer, or share your credentials for accessing the conference or conference materials (including but not limited to abstracts and presentations) that are not shared publicly.  You agree that CROI has the right to revoke conference access from anyone who engages in or is reported to engage in non-compliant business practice.  

Registrants are responsible for their own Internet service provider connections. CROI cannot reimburse conference fees in the event that registrants have connection problems with their Internet service provider.  

Misrepresentation of Registrant Information: Individuals who register for or apply to attend CROI, as well as those submitting on behalf of the registrant or applicant, are responsible for accurately representing the registrant’s or applicant’s current qualifications to attend. Anyone found to have intentionally submitted false or misleading information with the intent to gain access to the conference may be subject to 1 or more of the following penalties: 

  • Loss of CROI attendance privileges for that year and a minimum of 2 years thereafter 
  • Forfeiture of any registration fees paid  
  • Payment of any expenses related to identifying and reporting misrepresentation 
  • Any other penalties determined by the CROI Foundation and the IAS-USA 

Cancellation of Registration by Attendee: Requests for conference registration fee refunds must be received by February 22, 2021, and are subject to a US $50.00 non-refundable administrative fee. 

Registration Transfer or Substitution: Registrations may not be transferred to another individual. 

CROI Copyrights: The presentation and display conference materials are protected by copyright and are the property of CROI Foundation and IAS-USA.  However, the data contained in conference abstracts and presentations are the property of the authors or the study sponsor(s). 

Registrants are prohibited from recording presentations in part or in their entirety with the intent to distribute to others. The use of personal smartphones, cameras, or video devices should be limited to capturing screenshots for personal use (such as taking screenshots during the conference and before the conference materials are publicly available) to support CROI’s efforts to convey the excitement of the conference through posting on social media.