When is registration open?

Registration is now open. For more information, visit the CROI Registration webpage.

When is the deadline to apply or register for the conference?

The deadline to apply or register for the conference is on February 3, 2022.

How do I know if I am eligible to attend?

A description of  who can attend is available on the CROI conference website

How do I obtain my CME certificate from a prior CROI?

If you successfully claimed your CME credits from CROI 2017 to 2021, a copy of your certificate is available in your CROI account. Once you are logged in, click on “View your profile” to retrieve your certificate. You may also email the request to

What is the registration fee to attend?

The registration fee for the hybrid CROI 2022 is $785 for in-person and $585 for virtual. 

How do I reserve a hotel room for CROI 2022?

Hotel reservations will open in early January.

How does the registration application process work?

You will need to apply to attend the hybrid CROI 2022. Please submit an application and once approved, you will be able to register for the conference. To avoid delays in your application process, please ensure you submit a completed application. Once your application has been submitted, generally you will be notified within 2 or 3 business days of your application decision.

Who can attend the New Investigator Workshop?

The CROI Program Committee Workshop for New Investigators and Trainees is open to all registrants (eg, community educators, international delegates, general attendees).

I submitted my application to register but have not received any email about the status of my application.

Applications are generally reviewed within 2 or 3 business days. When you submit your application, you should receive “CROI 2022 Application Receipt” email. If you have not received this email, first check your spam folder and add to your safe sender list to ensure you get all future communication for your application and registration. Not submitting a completed application can delay the application review process. Make sure to submit requested information about your eligibility to attend the conference (eg, recent publications, describing your role). You can find more information regarding attendee criteria under “Who Can Attend” section.  

Why is the hotel reservation not part of the registration process?

We have decided to open the hotel reservation system separately from the registration this year. We are in the process of working with the hotels to get the best rate and plan to open hotel reservation system in early January.


How do I express my preference for attending in-person or virtually?

Attendees will be asked how they wish to attend CROI 2022 (in-person or virtually) as part of the registration process.

Is proof of vaccination required for in-person attendance?

Yes. All in-person attendees must upload proof that they have received a full regimen of a WHO-qualified COVID vaccine as part of the registration process, and must bring that proof to the conference. A negative COVID-19 test will not be accepted in lieu of vaccination.

What safety measures will be in place for attendees?

In addition to mandating full vaccination for all attendees, CROI will employ mask requirements, temperature and symptom checks for all attendees, and will enforce social distancing and will provide ample facilities for hand sanitizing. All convention center and contracted staff are also fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and are following extensive safety and sanitation procedures. These and other restrictions to ensure the safely of all participants may be updated as the situation requires.

Is CROI restricting attendance for participants from any nation?

No. Any otherwise qualified attendee with proof of vaccination will be permitted to attend CROI. Please note, however, that both the United States and other countries are operating under their own restrictions regarding travel to and from the United States. Please consult your own country’s regulations for the latest information.

When will hotels be available for in-person attendees?

Hotel booking for in-person attendees will open in January. All registrants for in-person attendance will be notified before the hotel booking system opens. As in past years, in-person attendees must stay in an official CROI conference hotel, unless they live in the Denver metropolitan area or staying with another registered attendee in a conference hotel.

Will the in-person program have any elements not available virtually?

Virtual attendees will not be able to access the conference Symposia sessions live, but will be able to access those sessions as part of the on-demand conference program, within about 48 hours of their completion. All other aspects of the CROI 2022 program will be available live to virtual attendees.

When will the conference content be available to people not registered to attend CROI 2022?

Individuals not registered to attend will be able to access all of the conference content approximately 30 days after the conclusion of the conference. Access will be restricted in the first 30 days following the conference to registered attendees.

I plan on attending in person. If the conference cancels the in-person component of the conference, will I be able to get a refund for my travel arranges?

We highly advise that in-person attendees book fully refundable tickets or get travel insurance. The conference organizers will not be responsible for reimbursements. If the in-person component of the conference is cancelled, then your registration will be automatically converted to virtual registration, and you will receive a refund for the difference in the registration cost. However, you will be responsible for cancelling your travel and hotel arrangements.

Is there a limit for in-person participation?

Yes, we will set the limit for in-person participation to approximately 2000 attendees. The limit will help us in planning to ensure we can utilize the space we have available for the conference without overcrowding and can implement distancing of attendees.

Is there a deadline to changes my method of participation?

The last day to request to change in-person participation to virtual with a refund of the difference in the registration fee is January 13, 2022. However, after January 13, 2022, you can still request to change your in-person participation to virtual but refunds will not be provided. Virtual participants can request to change to in-person participation until the start of the conference, as long as the space is available. All refunds will be processed after the conference concludes.


I have just started graduate school and do not yet have study results. Can I apply for a New Investigator Scholarship with a strong letter of recommendation from my mentor?

Scholarships for New Investigators are given only to those applicants who are the presenting author on an abstract that has been accepted for presentation at the conference. You may apply to attend the conference through the General Registration Application system, and describe your current and expected work. Your application will be reviewed, but you will be required to pay the registration fee if accepted.

How do I obtain my CME certificate from a prior CROI?

If you successfully claimed your CME credits from CROI 2017 to 2021, a copy of your certificate is available in your CROI account. Once you are logged in, click on “View your profile” to retrieve your certificate. You may also email the request to

I am an presenting author on an accepted General Abstract. Can I still apply for the New Investigator or International Investigator Scholarship during Late-Breaker submission?

Scholarship submissions will reopen for Late-Breaker Abstract submission on December 13, 2022.  Abstract authors applying for the New Investigator or International Investigator Scholarship during Late-Breaker submission must be a submitting a Late-Breaker Abstract in which they are a presenting author.

What is a Community Scholarship, who is eligible, and how do I apply?

CROI invites community leaders who engage in communication, advocacy, and educational activities focused on the prevention, treatment, and cure research of HIV, hepatitis viruses, SARS-CoV-2, and other viral infections and their related conditions to apply for a CROI Community Scholarship. Recipients of a Community Scholarship will receive complimentary access to the conference and may include travel expenses and access to priority housing. 

For more information and how to apply, visit the Community Scholarship webpage.


I am a submitting author and made an spelling error on the name of my coauthor(s). How can I update their information?

The submitting author will need to inform the coauthor(s) to login their CROI profile to update their information. Once the coauthor has updated their information on the profile, the submitting author will need to remove and re-add the coauthor in the submission.

I had a CROI profile prior to CROI 2021. Why am I not able to access my profile?

CROI profiles for the 2021 abstract submission system were reset so that updated information could be obtained for authors and coauthors of abstracts. You will need to create a new account on the CROI 2021 Abstract Submission system.

How do I update an author's institution on an abstract submission?

Only the submitting author may make changes to the abstract submission. To update an author’s institution in an abstract submission, the author must be removed and re-added with the correct institution to the submission.

How was my name and contact information added to my CROI profile?

Your name and contact information on your CROI profile appears as it was entered when your profile was created, either by you or a submitting author of an abstract you are listed as coauthor. You may update your profile through the My Account page within the abstract system (

How was my institution added to an abstract submission that I am listed as coauthor?

The institution that appears for you on an abstract submission(s) you are listed as an author is what the submitting author provided, and may not match that on your CROI profile. Any changes to an abstract submission(s) must be made by the submitting author before November 1, 2021, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

How can I get technical help with the abstract submission site?

For technical assistance with the abstract submission site, email For assistance with abstract content or other questions about CROI, email or call 415-544-9400 between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM PT.

Will I receive a confirmation email notifying me that my abstract submission was complete?

Yes. The sender for CROI-related emails will be; please add this address to your safe sender list so emails related to the conference are not sent to a spam file.

Why was my abstract declined?

Common reasons for declining an abstract include the following:

  • Subject matter is not appropriate for CROI
  • Information is not new enough
  • Abstract duplicates other submissions
  • Data are not included or offer inadequate/insufficient support for conclusions
  • Statistical evaluation is absent or inadequate
  • Format does not follow guidelines (eg, section[s] missing, more than 1 graphic, table, or figure submitted)
  • Submission is poorly written overall
  • Background does not summarize the hypothesis
  • Methodology is inadequate or insufficient to support conclusions
  • Controls are absent or inadequate
  • Summary of essential results is absent or inadequate
  • Submission reports clinical trial data from unplanned analysis or incomplete or ongoing studies

Can trials in progress be submitted to CROI?

Abstract submissions need to describe the precise findings of the study; promise of results “to be determined” or trials in progress are not acceptable. For more information, visit the Abstract Guidelines and Submission page.

How can I make a change on my abstract or author list now that the submission period is closed?

Once the general or late-breaking abstract processes have closed, NO CHANGES can be made, unless changes or clarification are specifically requested by the abstract review team. Once the submission process ends, the abstracts enter the peer review and scoring process. Each abstract is scored independently by a team of 5 to 9 experts in the particular field, and final scores are reviewed by the team to determine disposition.

What is the copyright policy?

By submitting your abstract to CROI, you are transferring all copyright ownership of the abstract, including all rights incidental thereto, to the CROI Foundation in the event that the abstract is accepted and published by the CROI Foundation. For US federal employees, work conducted on an abstract while the author(s) were employed by the US federal government is not protected by the Copyright Act and there is no copyright, thus ownership cannot be transferred. The contents of the CROI Program and Abstracts eBook are protected by copyright. We require that permission to replicate or reproduce any part of a CROI abstract be obtained from the CROI Organizer; however, study data are the property of the author(s) and study sponsors as relevant. For more information, please email

Do all authors need to approve the content of the abstract submission?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the abstract submitter to ensure that all coauthors have reviewed and approved the content of the abstract and their inclusion in the list of authors before the abstract is submitted. See the Abstract Guidelines page for more information.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

How do I obtain my CME credits or a certificate of participation for CROI?

Obtaining CME credits will require that you complete an online evaluation of the activity. Following the completion of the conference, a link to the evaluation form and a posttest will be activated in your IAS–USA account under “My Activities”.

A certificate will then be available for you to print. You can also view your certificate from your IAS–USA account under My Activities. Find the relevant activity in the table and, in the far-right column, click on the green sunburst icon (✺) to print your certificate. Submit the claim form no later than 30 days after the date of the activity.