CROI 2021 will be virtual. This year’s Affiliated and Proximate Activities will follow the same guidelines as prior years, except submitting an application for approval will not be necessary given that physical meeting space is not requested. We trust that all interested parties will comply with the same guidelines outlined below.

PLEASE NOTE: An Affiliated Activity is any activity, event, or meeting, including virtual meetings and conference calls, held at any time from 3 days before (Wednesday, March 3) through 2 days after (Friday, March 12) the 2021 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) and targeted toward or includes any REGISTRANTS of CROI.

The goal of CROI is to promote meaningful and high-level interchange of scientific ideas to find better ways to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS and to one day develop a cure. In support of that goal, organizations (eg, commercial companies, their agents, not-for-profit groups, and government agencies) that wish to hold meetings targeted to or involving any CROI attendee(s) and taking place around the time of the conference must comply with the guidelines below.

In order to provide opportunities for different groups and attendees within non-blackout of CROI times to attend affiliated and proximate meetings, each organization may hold no more than one (1) affiliated meeting on each of the CROI program days (excludes the days prior or days after program days).

Affiliated and Proximate Activities must:

  • Support and be consistent with the scientific nature of CROI
  • Be nonpromotional and noncommercial (commercial companies are allowed to hold affiliated and proximate activities as long as the activities themselves are nonpromotional and noncommercial)
  • Not conflict with or detract from the official CROI scientific program

In general, commercial company–supported activities are permitted only during the pre or post days of CROI 2021. Commercial companies are defined as any profit entity (including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, medical communication firms, and diagnostic companies) or its agents (including but not limited to public relations, publishing, or advertising firms). If you have any questions about whether you are considered a commercial entity, please email No promotional advisory board meetings, fishbowls, or social or leisure events are allowed. Acceptable activities are:

  • Scientific Advisory Board Meetings
  • Scientific Investigator Meetings

In general, activities sponsored and supported by not-for-profit or governmental organizations that are permitted on days of the scientific program (no such events can be held during the blackout times of CROI 2021) include:

  • Scientific Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Executive Meetings
  • Specific Study (Investigator) Meetings

Meeting Blackout Times

Affiliated and Proximate Activities may not be held during shaded blackout times.

Use of the CROI Logo and Signs

The CROI logo or any part of the CROI logo may not be used on any non-CROI materials, such as websites, publications, signs, or fliers that did not originate from or were not developed by CROI, without the express written permission of CROI or the IAS–USA. In addition, no entity may imply either directly or indirectly that it is in any way associated with or endorsed by CROI, without the express written permission of CROI.

Consequences for Noncompliance

If an Affiliated and Proximate Activity is found to have violated the Guidelines for Affiliated and Proximate Activities (above), the sponsoring organization, the supporting organization, and the organizer of the meeting may be prohibited from holding an Affiliated and Proximate Activity at future CROI conferences and may have their current registration revoked. Noncompliance may be subject to fines and damages and could negatively impact the registration, status, and/or attendance of those attending an Affiliated and Proximate Activity that does not follow the guidelines.