March 8–11, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions


Abstract Submission Processes and Policies

  • How do I submit an abstract for CROI?

  • I presented my study data in a poster format at a local conference last year. Does this disqualify my abstract from consideration for CROI?

  • How can I get technical help with the abstract submission site?

  • Will I receive a confirmation email notifying me that my abstract submission was complete?

  • When and how will I be notified that my abstract has been accepted or declined?

  • Will the selection committee notify all authors, or only lead authors, concerning abstract dispositions?

  • May I submit more than 1 abstract?

  • If I submit an abstract, must I deliver the oral or poster presentation, or may a coauthor present?

  • Will there be a call for late-breaking abstracts?

  • When and how will I be notified about acceptance of a late-breaking abstract?

  • What are the requirements for an author to be listed on an abstract?

  • How many authors may be listed on an abstract submission?

  • Is it possible to list more than 1 affiliation for an author or co-author?

  • Do presenting authors have specific responsibilities?

  • May I make changes to my abstract after it has been submitted?

  • May I withdraw an abstract after the submission deadline?

  • How are abstracts chosen for presentation at CROI?

  • Why was my abstract declined?

  • How can I make a change on my abstract or author list now that the submission period is closed?

  • What's the copyright policy?

Abstract Content

Abstract Availability

Oral Presentations

Themed Poster Discussions

  • How much time will I be allotted to present my poster?

  • Will I be able to answer questions about my poster?

  • How many slides may I use?

  • How should I submit my slides?

  • Should I include a disclosure slide?

  • When should I arrive for my presentation?

Poster Presentations

Delayed Applications

  • I submitted my registration information and have not yet received a decision notification.

  • I received a "need more information" notification.

Common reasons for delayed application review:

Full-Time Role
  • Your full-time role is incomplete or unclear.

  • Leadership role is unclear.

  • Community educator role is unclear.

Commercial Company
  • Commercial company involvement is vague or unclear.

  • Job title or degree is missing.

  • You have listed a link or tried to add an attachment in the publications or citations section(s).

Conference and Electronic Materials

Consequences for Misrepresentation

  • What are the consequences of misrepresentation of credentials in order to attend CROI?

  • What is meant by ‘primary’ institution, organization, or company?

  • What email address should be used?

  • Why are the registration criteria so strict?

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

  • How do I obtain my CME credits or a certificate of participation for CROI?

  • How do I obtain my CME certificate from prior CROIs?

  • How do I request a new password?

  • I tried to reset my password and I did not receive an email.

  • I did not receive the evaluations. How do I claim CME credit?

  • I completed all of the evaluations. Can you send me my CME Certificate?

  • I typed in the wrong information. How can I change the CME hours on my certificate?

  • I do not need or qualify for CME credit. How can I acquire a Certificate of Participation?

  • Can I claim American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for participating in an activity?


  • How do I know if I am eligible to attend?

  • How does the registration application process work?

  • Why do I need to provide an institutional address as my primary email address?

  • I answered YES to the question ‘Do you work for a commercial company (pharmaceutical, diagnostic, financial) in any capacity, whatsoever?’ on the CROI registration application. Will my registration follow the same application process?

  • I completed the CROI registration application online but was not asked for payment information or directed to housing. Am I registered?

  • Can I receive the early rate if I submit my applications prior to the fee increase deadline?

  • I am an author on an accepted abstract. Am I required to pay the registration fee?

  • May I pay by check or wire transfer?

  • Can the registration fee be waived?

  • What does the registration fee cover?

  • How do I return to my record?

  • If I have been Declined, can I be put on a waitlist?

  • I will be unable to attend the conference; how do I cancel my registration?

  • How do I obtain an invitation letter (for visa and other purposes)?

  • I am a federal employee and, as such, will not receive approval to attend CROI right away. Is there a way to reserve my space?

  • Who can attend the New Investigator Workshop?

  • Will breakfast and lunch be available at the convention center?

  • May I bring my child to the conference/meeting rooms, or will childcare be available at the convention center?



  • I am a scholarship recipient. Where do I find the discounted hotel rates?

  • I have just started graduate school and do not yet have study results. Can I apply for a New Investigator Scholarship with a strong letter of recommendation from my mentor?

  • I have submitted a late-breaking abstract and would like to apply for the New Investigator Scholarship.

  • What meals are covered by my scholarship?

  • How do I get reimbursed for my travel and hotel expenses?

  • How do I book my flight to CROI?

  • My flight cost less than my scholarship award amount. Can I use the difference toward the cost of my hotel?

Media Representations

  • When will CROI abstracts be available?

  • What is the conference embargo policy?

  • What are the media registration policies?

  • Will you share the media registration list?

  • Will there be a pocket program for the conference?

  • What is the press conference schedule?

  • Is any off-site access provided for CROI press conferences?

  • Are other sessions webcast?

CROI 2020 General Abstract Submission Dispositions

  • I have not received a disposition email for an abstract that I am affiliated with. What do I do?