February 13–16, 2017

Who Can Attend

Attendee Criteria

Attendance is generally limited to authors of accepted abstracts and active researchers. Authors of accepted abstracts are pre-approved for registration. All other researchers must complete the application process. The applicant should include up to 3 recent key publications in scientific journals (published within the last 3 years) on which they are a MASTHEAD author, up to 3 accepted abstracts at scientific or research conferences on which the applicant is an author, or provide other specific details about how they meet the criteria for attending CROI. 

A limited number of spots are available for individuals in executive/leadership positions in professional not-for-profit educational organizations, but those who have active involvement in HIV research have priority. Examples of eligible attendees, other than authors on accepted abstracts, include:


  • Researchers actively participating in basic science investigations, clinical studies, or epidemiologic research of HIV and associated complications and coinfections
  • Physicians and scientists who have full-time faculty appointments at academic institutions including medical school fellowship programs

In addition, there are a limited number of spots available for practitioners who are not in a research role, but who work in a major institution that is making research contributions to the field, or who are located in a high endemic area with academic or teaching responsibility.

A limited number of spots are also made available for individuals in leadership positions (1 per organization or in a select few instances in a large organization, up to 2) in major HIV-related organizations (governmental or nongovernmental not-for-profit) that focus on educating healthcare practitioners and other professionals. This includes individuals who are responsible for essential decisions on research and/or research direction.

Ineligible Attendees

Individuals below are not eligible to attend CROI:

  • Financial analysts
  • Venture capitalists
  • Employees of public relations firms
  • Employees of medical communications companies

In general, others not eligible to attend are personnel employed by commercial firms or their agents whose primary roles and responsibilities are, or work in:

  • general administration
  • nondirectorship level personnel in clinical or product development
  • marketing
  • marketing or postmarketing outcomes research
  • medical affairs
  • medical or scientific liaison department
  • professional relations
  • project or product management
  • regulatory affairs
  • strategic planning

Please note: Exceptions may be made for the above ineligible attendees if they are abstract authors and actively involved in research. If you have questions about your eligibility to attend, please e-mail the Conference Secretariat at CROIinfo"at"iasusa.org.