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166SAMHD 1CDK2 but Not CDK1 Phosphorylates SAMHD1 in Primary Macrophages
167LBSAMHD 1p21 Regulates the HIV-1 Restriction Factor SAMHD1
168SAMHD 1InhibitorsofCDK2andCDK6BlockHIV-1RTThroughtheControlofSAMHD1Activity
169SAMHD 1Vpx Mediated Degradation of SAMHD1 Does Not Render HSCs More Permissive to Lentiviral GeneTransfer
170Integration/Nuclear ImportBET Proteins Mediate Integration Site Selection of MLV Much Alike LEDGF/p75 in HIV Integration
171Integration/Nuclear ImportZinc-finger Endonuclease Targeting LEDGF/p75 Inhibits HIV-1 Integration
172Integration/Nuclear ImportSmall-Molecule inhibits HIV-1 replication by interacting with HIV capsid
173Integration/Nuclear ImportResistance to HIV-1 Infection in PBLs From LGMD1F Patients Carrying a Genetic Defect in TNPO3
174Integration/Nuclear ImportHIV Integrase R263A/K264A Is Defective for TRN-SR2/IN Interaction and Nuclear Import of the PIC
175Late Events in HIV ReplicationSHAPE-Directed Discovery of a Novel Structure in the HIV-1 RNA Polyadenylation Signal
176Late Events in HIV ReplicationHIV-1 Assembly on Intracellular Plasma Membrane-Connected Compartments of Human Macrophages
177Late Events in HIV ReplicationLEDGIN (ALLINI) Disruption of HIV-1 Assembly Does Not Involve LEDGF/p75
178Late Events in HIV ReplicationCharacterization of the Interaction Between Staufen-1with HIV-1 Rev and HERV-K(HML-2) Rec
179Late Events in HIV ReplicationThe Role of RNA Interference in HIV-1 Infected-Primary Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophages
180Late Events in HIV ReplicationInduced Maturation of HIV-1 Virions
181Late Events in HIV ReplicationInterplay of Cholesterol and Env Protein in the Lytic Deformation of HIV-1 by Peptide Triazoles
182Apobec, Apobec, ApobecCharacterizing Novel N-Terminal Domains of APOBEC3G
183Apobec, Apobec, ApobecSLBP (stem-loop binding protein) regulates the expression of APOBEC3G
184Apobec, Apobec, ApobecIncomplete Apobec3G Neutralization by Vif Mutations Facilitates Evolution From CCR5 to CXCR4 Use
185Apobec, Apobec, Apobec17β-estradiol Protects Primary Macrophages Against HIV Through Induction of IFNα and APOBEC3A
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