Boston, Massachusetts
March 4–7, 2018


Activities, Events, or Meetings in Conjunction with CROI (Affiliated Activities)


PLEASE NOTE: Any activity, event, or meeting that is held beginning 3 days prior to (Thursday, March 1 to Saturday, March 3), during, or 2 days following (Thursday, March 8 to Friday, March 9) the 2018 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) that is targeted toward or includes any REGISTRANTS of CROI is considered an Affiliated Activity.

The goal of CROI is to promote meaningful, high-level scientific interchange of ideas and debate in order to find better ways to prevent, treat, and cure HIV/AIDS. In keeping with this goal, organizations (ie, commercial companies and their agents, not-for-profit groups, and government agencies) that wish to hold meetings of any size or nature in any location during CROI that are targeted to CROI attendees must complete the Affiliated Activity application, be approved, and comply with the guidelines below.

To be approved, Affiliated Activities must:

  • Support and be consistent with the scientific nature of CROI
  • Be nonpromotional and noncommercial
  • Not conflict with or detract from the official CROI scientific program
  • Be approved in advance
  • Be held within a hotel that is part of the CROI hotel block or request prior written approval for an alternate location

An administrative fee is required for approved Affiliated Activities:

  • $250 application fee will be assessed upon approval of Affiliated Activities for commercial companies
  • $50 application fee will be assessed upon approval of Affiliated Activities for not-for-profit organizations and colleges and universities

In general, commercial company-supported activities are only permitted during the pre or post days of CROI 2018. Commercial companies are defined as any profit entity (eg, including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, medical communication firms, diagnostic companies, etc) or its agents (eg, including but not limited to public relations, publishing, or advertising firms, etc). If you have any questions at all about whether you are considered a commercial entity, please e-mail CROIaa "at" iasusa.org prior to submitting your Affiliated Activity application. No promotional advisory board meetings, fishbowls, or social or leisure events are allowed (see below). Acceptable activities are:

  • Scientific Advisory Board Meetings
  • Scientific Investigator Meetings

Company employee-only activities, such as company employee dinners or meetings that do not include any non-employee CROI registrants may be permitted during the non-blackout times on conference days, pending application review.

In general, activities sponsored and supported by not-for-profit or governmental organizations that are permitted during breakfast, lunch, and in the evenings on days of the scientific program (no such events can be held during the blackout times of CROI 2018) include:

  • Scientific Board Meetings
  • Committee Meetings
  • Executive Meetings
  • Specific Study (Investigator) Meetings

In some circumstances, social events that are organized by not-for-profit or goverment organizations may be approved during the non-blockout times of CROI.

In general, the following are not permitted pre/post/during CROI:

  • Scientific, educational, speaker-driven symposia or lectures not sponsored by CROI
  • Commercial company hosted social events (eg, cocktail receptions, dinner cruises, sporting events, hosted, noncasual, organized dinner events of more than 10 people)
  • Exhibits (by commercial and noncommercial companies)
  • Distribution of any promotional material (eg, fliers, room drops)
  • Commercial banners

The guidelines are meant to provide guidance for Affiliated Activity sponsors or hosts. If you have any questions at all about whether your activity would be an Affiliated Activity requiring approval, e-mail CROIaa "at" iasusa.org.

Meeting Blackout Times 

Affiliated Activities may not be held during shaded, blackout times.

Commercial company activities (ie, advisory board meetings or investigator meetings) are only permitted on the days before (Thursday, March 1 to Saturday, March 3), until 4:00 PM on Sunday, March 4, and after the official CROI 2018 educational program (6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 7).

Commercial company, employee-only activities such as company employee dinners or meetings that do not include any non-employee CROI registrants are allowed during the non-blackout times of CROI 2018.

Approved Meeting Space

If an Affiliated Activity is approved, IAS-USA will assist the organizer of the meeting in identifying appropriate meeting space in a CROI designated hotel. Should you chose to hold your approved Affiliated Activity at a non-CROI hotel, the location of the meeting must be included on the Affiliated Activity form or sent via email to CROIaa "at" iasusa.org.

Please note: CROI is not responsible for the hotel arrangements for those who are attending your Affiliated Activity, but who are not attending CROI.

Costs and Liabilities

Any direct costs associated with the Affiliated Activity (eg, rental fees, food, beverage, audiovisual equipment, labor, etc) are the responsibility of the Affiliated Activity sponsor. The sponsor is also liable for any injuries or accidents to people or property while conducting ancillary functions.

Use of the CROI Logo and Signs

The CROI logo or any part of the CROI logo may not be used on any non-CROI materials, such as websites, publications, signs, or fliers that did not originate from or were not developed by CROI, without the express written permission of CROI or the IAS–USA. In addition, no entity may imply either directly or indirectly that it is in any way associated with or endorsed by CROI, without the express written permission of CROI.

Signage for the Affiliated Activity is only permitted directly outside of the assigned meeting room. Directional signs, advertisements, and banners are not permitted in the hotel lobby or the convention center.

Approved Affiliated Activity Language

Once the Affiliated Activity has been approved, the language below is permissible.

This “meeting name” has been approved as an Affiliated Activity during CROI 2018. This meeting is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or supported by the IAS–USA, the CROI Foundation, or CROI 2018.

Changes to Approved Affiliated Activities

Any substantive changes to an Affiliated Activity application must be reported to CROI. Substantive changes include location, attendee, and major agenda changes. If you are unsure if a change is substantive, please e-mail the CROIaa "at" iasusa.org.

Consequences for Noncompliance

If an Affiliated Activity is found to have violated the Guidelines for Affiliated Activities (above), the sponsoring organization, the supporting organization, and the organizer of the meeting may be prohibited from holding an Affiliated Activity at future CROI conferences and may have their current registration revoked. Noncompliance may be subject to fines and damages, and could negatively impact the registration, status, and/or attendance of those attending an unapproved Affiliated Activity.

How to Apply

Please complete the Affiliated Activity application form, agree to the terms and conditions, and click the SUBMIT button to complete the application process. All applications must be received by Friday, February 16, 2018. Questions about Affiliated Activities may be addressed to CROIaa “at” iasusa.org.