Seattle, Washington
March 4–7, 2019


Community Educator Scholarship

CROI invites community educators who work in community HIV research, prevention, or treatment education programs to apply for a Community Educator Scholarship. Scholarship awardees must demonstrate an established commitment to sharing their knowledge and experience with their community, as well as an ability to expand community research literacy.

CROI is an intensely science-focused meeting during which a large volume of data- and research-based HIV information is presented. The CROI Community Education Scholarship is awarded to individuals who demonstrate a motivation to learn and apply the science of HIV prevention, treatment and cure science concepts, and those who demonstrate the competency and skills to translate the science to community research literacy programs.

How to Apply

The submission period for scholarship is closed. Scholarship award dispositions will be e-mailed on or about November 15, 2018.

Scholarship Details

There are 3 types of Community Educator Scholarships:

  • Full Scholarship covers up to US $750 (domestic) OR lowest international air fare (generally up to US $1500) to and from resource-limited countries, up to 5 nights hotel accommodations at the discounted scholarship rate, and conference registration fee. A daily stipend may also be provided for awardees from resource-limited countries.
  • Partial Scholarship covers a combination of 2 of the above.
  • Registration Only Scholarship covers the conference registration fee.

Scholarships are limited and are highly competitive. Applicants must be actively involved in HIV in their communities. Only candidates affiliated with HIV research, prevention, or treatment education organizations will be considered (note: limit of 2 applications per organization).

Motivation, competency and skills to provide community research literacy of the applicants are assessed based on the quality of the application, a letter of recommendation, and the level of financial need. The selection committee will consider the following: 1) experience in HIV science and medicine research, treatment, or prevention education, 2) application quality, 3) work setting, 4) literacy level in HIV science and evidence of strong command of English, and 4) applicant’s degree of financial need.

  • Preference is given to individuals who
    • have demonstrated the capacity and commitment to deliver science- and research-based HIV education directly to affected and infected communities at the ground level.
    • engage in community education efforts beyond those related to direct-to-consumer prevention services (including biomedical-focused services) and/or recruiting and consenting HIV clinical trial participants.
  • The CLS does not seek those whose primary function is at a policy level or whose primary interest is in other areas of HIV advocacy/activism.
  • Medical professionals, administrators, researchers, and media professionals are not eligible for the scholarship.

All scholarship awardees are required to attend the full conference, including the Program Committee Workshop for New Investigators and Trainees. At the close of the Conference, awardees must have completed the daily and overall conference evaluations.

If a scholarship recipient does not believe that she or he may be able to commit to attend the entire conference, she or he can choose 1 of the following 3 options:

  1. Adjust other conflicting commitments, attend the full conference, and maintain the scholarship.
  2. Forfeit the scholarship, pay the full current registration fee, present their work, and not be required to attend the full conference.
  3. Choose not to attend the conference and assign a coauthor to present the work at the conference.


Scholarship awardees must book travel through the CROI travel agency, Altour. Any travel cost in excess of the scholarship award or travel not booked through the CROI travel agency is the responsibility of the scholarship awardee and must be paid at the time of booking. Scholarship awardees are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the airport or train station, and any luggage fees.

Hotel Accommodations

If the scholarship award does not include hotel accommodations, Community Educator Scholarship awardees are responsible for the cost of their hotel. Discounted hotel rates are available to scholarship awardees and the rates displayed on the CROI housing website are the discounted rates. All attendees must book a hotel through the CROI registration and housing system. If you have a financial hardship or do not have a credit card to reserve a hotel room, please e-mail CROIscholarships"at"iasusa.org.


Scholarship awardees will not be reimbursed. In lieu of reimbursement, scholarship awardees will be awarded a specified limit for their air, rail, or bus travel expenses. Any travel cost in excess of the scholarship award or travel not booked through the CROI travel agency is the responsibility of the scholarship award and must be paid at the time of booking. Unless otherwise specified in the scholarship award, scholarship awardees are responsible for the cost of their hotel.