March 8–11, 2020


March 4, 2020 (3:30 PM PT)

We recognize that some speakers who are planning to attend may not be able to travel to the meeting because of travel restrictions or institutional requirements that prevent you from leaving your institutions during the week of CROI. Because such restrictions may be imposed upon speakers in the next few days, we ask that all speakers (regardless of their current plans) submit a narrated video version of their presentation prior to CROI as a precaution. Should you be unable to attend CROI, this narrated video will serve as your presentation during the live webcast of the session. Registrants unable to attend will be given remote access to meeting materials, including live webcasts, the abstract book, Mobile App, and electronic posters.

Action Items

Speakers: Please create a narrated version of your slides, save the presentation as a video file (MP4), and upload the file by Saturday, March 7, 2020 (or 48 hours before your presentation is scheduled for CROI). Click here for Instructions on how to submit your recorde video. There are a number of tools described in the instructions, but the most direct method is to record your narration directly in PowerPoint and save it as a video (MP4 file). We will send a separate email to each speaker with a unique URL to upload their pre-recorded narrated video.

If you attend the meeting in Boston, please upload a final version of your presentation slides (not narrated) in the Speaker Ready Room (Room 200) and so that you can deliver your presentation in-person rather than the video presentation.

Moderators: If you are unable to attend CROI, please cancel your registration (instructions below) and we will have a CROI Program Committee Member co-moderate the session in your place.

Need to Cancel Your Attendance at CROI in Boston?

Presenters will have no penalties for cancellations with regard to attending future CROIs. Abstracts will not be withdrawn and presentations will be shared virtually. Should you need to cancel your in-person registration to attend CROI in Boston, please email and contact your hotel no later than 72 hours before check-in to cancel your reservation.

We look forward to sharing your important work at CROI in Boston, or in your recorded video shared with attendees though a live webcast.