March 8–11, 2020


Letter of Authorization to Use Government Rate by a Government Contractor

Authorization letter: If you are a local or federal government employee, or you working on a local federal government contract or grant and need access to a hotel stay at the federal per diem nightly rate, you may book any available hotel stay at that rate. Your hotel may require that your present your proof of government employment, or a letter of authorizing your access to the government per diem rate and charge you the maximum rate for that stay. Please note: if you do not have either of these forms of verification, the hotel may not honor the government per diem rate. You may generate a version of this letter here:

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The bearer of this letter , , is an employee of , which has a contract with a Government agency or is working under a Government-issued grant. During the period of the 2020 CROI in Boston, MA, and with the approval of the IAS–USA, the attendee is eligible and authorized to use available travel discount rates in accordance with Government contracts and agreements.

Should you require further verification of this letter, please contact the IAS–USA at 415-544-9400.


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